The LIDA assists qualified companies with providing tax incentives to eligible projects (qualified companies are defined in the Countywide Tax Exemption Policy). The LIDA encourages investment in private sector commercial and industrial development to promote business growth in the Lancaster, New York area.

Upon establishing project eligibility, benefits available through the LIDA are:

  • Exemption from Real Property Taxes – As authorized by the Countywide Tax Exemption Policy, eligible projects adding new taxable assessed value can apply for a tax abatement, which is granted under the LIDA’s Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Policy.
  • Exemption from Sales and Use Taxes
  • Purchase and Improvement of Land
  • Construction of New Facilities
  • Acquisition, Renovation and Expansion of Existing Buildings
  • Acquisition and Installation of New Machinery, Equipment and Fixtures
  • Exemption from Mortgage Recording Taxes – Exemption of 1% Mortgage Recording Tax for commercial property.